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Vulai Creative

The indigenous knife master, Bulaluyang, started with the knife art of Luyang Style, and created the brand “Vulai Creative”. It combined the handmade work with industrial technology, so that the cultural industry will advance with the times and that traditional craftsmanship of the aborigines will be incorporated into the daily lives of the people, continuing the traditional culture.  

Taiwan indigenous Folding Knife

The Paiwan Kinte master had applied for designing the model patent of “raised head” folding knife under the Paiwan tribe series. The folding knife was designed based on the image of the hundred-pace snake. In the Paiwan tribe, a man will possess three knives in his entire life. The first knife is a one-foot hunting knife, which is made of iron pipe and wooden handle called the “Takit,” to be used for work and hunting. The second knife is a five-inch knife, which is used for cutting and sharing with other tribal people, called the “Pakarusa”. The third knife is the knife of life, called the “Piukaljakaljatan” used during wedding, to guard and protect the family. This knife is passed on through generations.

Hunting for the mountain boar is publicly considered to be the most dangerous form of hunting. A tribal man uses the number of boars he has hunted as a symbol of his individual accomplishment and heroism, and will often determine the hunter’s social status. For Taiwanese indigenous peoples, the boar tusk is a measure of one’s  military and hunting prowess. A person who is a good hunter must also be a good warrior. As a result, a warrior or marshall will always wear a boar tusk accessory, which is a combination of the tusk and handmade glass beads, a heroic symbol of the traditional Paiwan Warriors.


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