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WilDesign was established in 2009 inspired by Taiwanese indigenous culture. The brand upholds the spirit of DIT&MIT. 
With the entrepreneurial spirit of "conveying old culture through new thinking", the name of the brand conveys our humbleness and respect in continuing the culture of our ancestors, as well as our responsibilities in product design and the production process. 

Ancestral spirits boar tusk Necklace

Hunting king wild boar tusk necklace 

Wild boar is the most symbolic prey of the indigenous hunters in Taiwan because of their intelligence, agility, and ferociousness. Hunters must have abundant experience, bravery, and wisdom to hunt the wild boar. Consequently, warriors who have successfully hunted wild boars are revered by the villagers.

Echo Shell Ornaments Set

Irrespective of gender, most indigenous people wear earrings, and for the Amis people, earrings represent one of the tokens needed for crossing the rainbow bridge to meet the ancestral spirits!