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LOKAH integrates the unique traditional weaving skills of Tayal into modern life. By interpreting and transforming the traditional costume patterns, combining with creative thinking of modern design, it gives images a new life and meaning, allowing Tayal culture to survive, regenerate and inherited.
The Atayal tribe is a passionate tribe – the mission of passing on the Atayal culture is deeply ingrained in their souls.

LOKAH the power of the clothes you wear "LOKAH is Power" is a form of spirit and is a way of life Riding on the wings of the Aayal ancestors, conveying their blessings, pass on this great power.


Next to the fire, a knife, a warrior, carving out the marks in blood, using this as an oath on the Rainbow Bridge. 

The existence and rebirth of Bunban (the Taiwan Landlocked Masu Salmon in the Aayal language) is akin to the journey of the Aayal in finding their roots. They are caught in a whirlpool and constantly fighting for a slim chance for survival.


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