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Embroidery is used as the design element of clothing, where we have reinterpreted our understanding of the indigenous stories and applied innovation. Myths are our design element, transforming Taiwan's indigenous culture into a popular element and part of our lives. The clothes we wear also tell a story, while the ingenious design allows children to pass on a forgotten story. There are 16 indigenous tribes in Taiwan, and we have woven myths from each tribe into the fabric of our creativity, hence our brand name One Sixteenth.


Millet bag

Dimensions: W 26cm (widest part of the product)
L: 36cm D: 23cm
Millet yellow/Bunun blue/Sun red

Traveling with kids often requires carrying many bags that are cumbersome and inconvenient, so we have designed a small handbag to store important items (wallets or keys) to make our lives more convenient.
In terms of design, it can be rolled up and stowed away effortlessly, and it can be used inside a larger bag.
The most difficult aspect of manufacturing is the teardrop shape and the curved piping, which requires delicate hands and concentration to create flawlessly.
It symbolizes the imagery of heavy golden millet ears during harvesting season.
We wish the users of the millet bag wealth and prosperity every day!