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Wood pen

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Wood pen art handcrafted pen live demonstration. DIY classes are available for the fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen, and clutch pencil. Wood pen art is founded by Chen Wu-Yung (A-ding), an Atayal trailer truck driver with 17 years of experience, is also a pen craftsman. He specializes in combining wood with exquisite metallic accessories to produce a wide selection of classic, high-quality pens featuring the spirit of Atayal motifs. Besides pen DIY experience, the workshop also teaches indigenous students how to make pens for a living. A-ding often selflessly organizes pen-making courses to contribute love to society by being the students' mentor.


Atayal rollerball pen and fountain pen gift set

Dimensions: 12-16cm
Material: Hardware with Atayal motifs, diamond motifs, and resin

The creations are inspired by traditional Atayal wisdom such as wood and ancestral face tattoo culture. Modern hardware components are utilized to express the meaning of Atayal facial tattoos and diamond patterns to create unique handcrafted pens.