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WasangShow is an original indigenous hip brand in Taiwan that is staying abreast of the latest trends to provide consumers with perfectly tailored, trendy, and comfortable apparel. Every design detail is infused with indigenous and nature-inspired motifs or myths to generate the one-of-a-kind style and design. The name is derived from Truku indigenous language "Derlabers Saw", which translates to "peanuts"; this is combined with the Cantonese "hua sheng sao", which means "fashion show" to become WasangShow.

The team upholds the original aspiration of "opening the doors wider to let more people become acquainted with indigenous people" to launch individualistic creative works that are imbued with rich indigenous culture. Each clothing item represents a myth and the faith of an ethnic group, let us redefine your impression of indigenous fashion. 



Taiwan Animals Classic T-shirt

Animals like owls/black bears/leopard cats protect the indigenous people to bring peace and happiness! The rolling eyes in the dark symbolize hope, the happiness of welcoming a new life and protecting the happiness of different generations. Owls guard our trailblazers in the primal environment, endowing them with an abundant harvest and decent living in the forest. The hand-drawn flocking fabric is complemented by prints to enhance its texture, quality, and durability, thereby endowing it with style and character!


A Forest In Your Pocket Tee

A Forest in Your Pocket – It is the height of summer, and the Amis village is surrounded by the beautiful coastline and coral trees. As the youths get ready for the ceremony, the women joyously weave new clothing featuring indigenous motifs for their families. When our ancestors moved into a new village, they would plant coral tree saplings, drink alcohol, and sing under the tree in memory of our ancestral spirits. For a century, the coral tree has been an integral part of the village, inseparable just like the handmade motifs that are tied to the youths' waists. 


Sisil totem denim shirt  

The legend of Sisil the fortunetelling bird depicts the stunning thrush that is the most cherished bird species of the Truku people; its melodious chirping sound signifies that everything will be accomplished according to plan! However, when its chirps become rushed and short-breathed, look out for trouble! Is it ok to plow the field today? Is it ok to go hunting today? Will the couple be blessed with happiness if they choose to hold their holy matrimony on this particular date? The Truku people have answers for all of these questions because their fortunetelling bird Sisil will guide them with chirping sounds and flying. Legend has it that these magnificent thrushes possess incredible wisdom that allows the Truku people to distinguish between good or ill fortune in order to coexist with Mother Nature in peace.