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Lan Hui Workshop

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To settle is to stay and remain stationary, to put down roots symbolizes being grounded, down to earth, and the commitment to doing things right. We are indigenous people from eastern Taiwan; before, we traveled north in search of better opportunities, hoping to endow our hometown and families with a brighter future. However, as time goes by, although our hometown remains, everything has changed; now, we want to put down roots here to build a village that is exclusively ours on the land.

Through this exhibition, we wish to describe our feelings of longing and gratitude for our hometown, as well as pointing out the fact that our hometown is not that far away because wherever we put down roots will be our home.





Taolesi's products are adorned with Amis motifs woven from shellflower fibers.

Developing traditional materials out of shellflower is a challenge because it is fragile and breaks easily. Weaving exquisite motifs using shellflower fibers is a painstaking process, as each string of shellflower fiber must be peeled off by hand. The combination of shellflower and hemp symbolizes the sustainability of Amis plants and the culture that is nurtured by the land.



The natural plant dye is used to boil dye or cold dye the fabric with indigo dye and various plant colors, forming beautiful colors of the Earth. Katazome is applied to preserve the traditional motifs and customized motifs. I hope the exquisite gift will endow you with a splendid mood and affection.

Mother's Love (necklace)

From flat macramé variations to layered curly knots, eastern and western macramé techniques are combined to create the petals for the products, while the glazing design concept illustrates the diverse connection between macramé and culture. In terms of accessories, jade and glass are used for small necklaces, bracelets, earrings, to large ornaments.