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LIyung Startup Cluster

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The river symbolizes the sharing of resources, language, and bloodline between the villages. It bears the historic memories of the Atayal people, where the immersive experience, games, and learning venue contribute to social reproduction.
The LIyung Startup Cluster is a collaboration between indigenous tribes across 4 major river basins (Daan, Dajia, Beigang, Zhuoshui River) to become the front shop of the industry, expanding and joining the indigenous industry (back factory) of central Taiwan.
In the age of multiple risks and challenges, it is important to search for an industry development model that encompasses “restoration/resilience”, “heritage/innovation”, and “sustainability/sharing”. The important development direction not only minimizes the impact of other industries but also becomes the economic cornerstone of the village’s cultural heritage, where we can achieve the mission of cultural heritage and environmental sustainability through economic activities.

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