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Lalacus Honey


Lacus is an ancient Tsou village in Alishan
Lacus is Tsou for azalea, symbolizing that the area is covered in azaleas.
Located in the primal forest along the Tefuye Historic Trail in Alishan Township, Chiayi, the source of the Zengwun River features thriving forests, flowers, and honey bees.


Produced mainly in central and south Taiwan, litchi has been given the moniker of the King of Fruits. Obtained from the nectar and pollen of litchi flowers, litchi honey exudes a rich fragrance and sweet taste, making it a perfect complement for biscuits/toasts; it can also be mixed with water to create a refreshing beverage. This is one of the children's favorite honey on the market.


The sweetest honey offers a mild texture that complements everything. Higher in fructose than glucose, the honey does not crystallize easily, and it was awarded the highest honor at the 2020 National Longan Honey Competition. Tests revealed that the honey contains 0% sucrose and pesticide, indicating that the honey bees live in a pure, natural environment.