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A bay

Flavors are the Quickest Path to Experiencing the Tribe.


Nature's plastic wrap – Nicandra physaloides wraps the yellow rice before tied with string to convey the scenery of tribes through"A bay". Team members from the kitchen span 3 generations and the tribal kitchen bridges traditional knowledge with the courage for adventure of the younger generation. Experience new aborigine cuisine passed down through heritage and taste the true face of tribal culture. Using the core principle of increasing employment opportunities for people of the tribe, a business model solely for tribal industries was established.


"A bay"is a food common to aborigine tribes and it is highly similar to zongzi of the Han people. The"A bay"of the Taromak are simply unforgettable; the key is "nicandra physaloides" sandwiched between shell ginger leaves and filling. "Nicandra physaloides" can lower cholesterol, decrease bloating, and help digestion. Filling includes pork that is half lean, half fatty, millet, and shredded pumpkin. The all-natural ingredients combine for excellent flavors.