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I work diligently because of my deep connection with the land; heritage bears witness to what was once our very existence; innovation is the awakening of our ancestral wisdom when combined with modern mentality.

I am Lemiyaw, and Lemiyaw is me


In traditional Chinese medicine, sicklepod offers benefits such as clearing the liver and improving eyesight, as well as nourishing the gastrointestinal tract. However, modern medicine has discovered that it also alleviates intraocular pressure and enhances the eyes' antioxidant abilities, even preventing glaucoma, hence it is a quintessential probiotic product for modern people that is light and convenient to enjoy.



Nest fern is rich in calcium, iron, and dietary fiber. It does not absorb oil easily due to its smooth leaf surface. With a crunchy texture, the natural, healthy, and delicious wild vegetable was not only consumed as food by indigenous people during the early years but was also crushed and used as a wound dressing, often referred to as Lugu or bird's nest fern.