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Sila Tiyuan

Sila Tiyuan was founded by an Amis couple who have returned to their hometown in the prime of their lives. Located in Shoufeng Township by the Mugua River at the foot of Qilai Mountain, the farm has applied nature-friendly farming methods to cultivate cherry tomato, edible lily, Earls melon, and summer melon. Sila means land in Amis language, coinciding with the Amis clan name of the male farm owner, who won the prestigious Expert Indigenous Farmer Award from the Hualien County Government in 2019. However, he has not remained complacent and hopes to encourage small farmers to become more than just unsung heroes by demonstrating their values in the pursuit of their admirable careers.

Lily endows the dish with soul
Adhering to organic standards, Sila Tiyuan does not use any pesticide or chemical fertilizer. The Compendium of Materia Medica documents that lily offers a sweet taste and is considered slightly cold in nature. It benefits the heart meridian (emotions, mental stability) and the lung meridian (respiratory system) through calming the mind, nourishing the lungs, and stopping coughs.