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A group of Atayal fruit growers who are passionate about their village decided to improve their computer literacy at the Ministry of Education's Digital Opportunity Center, form a cooperative, and engage in eco-friendly agriculture. We hope you can taste the fruits and vegetables grown with love and dedication, and help us to improve the village's future. Make sure you enjoy the May peaches when they are in season!



桃酒喝 / 五月桃の啤酒

成分:五月桃、啤酒花 / 產品規格:330 ml

The craft beer brewed with May peach (honey peach) from the Atayal village of Btwanokan in Fuxing District, Taoyuan retains the fragrance of the peach without being overly cloying. Without adding any artificial flavors, the peachy fragrance emanates from the dense latte-like bubbles. Take a sip, and you will relish in the thirst-quenching taste.


桃酒喝 / 五月桃の酒

成分:五月桃、糖 / 產品規格:180 ml / 600 ml



桃酒喝 / 五月桃の燒酎

成分:五月桃、糖 / 產品規格: 180ml / 600ml



△ 建議飲法/搭配冰塊喝是品酒人的最愛,入門者可於氣泡水中加入一點桃子燒酎也很對味。


桃酒喝 / 五月桃の小米酒

成分:五月桃、小米 / 產品規格:600 ml



△ 建議飲法/搭配冰塊喝最是美味,亦可加入檸檬汁調為雞尾酒。

※ 飲酒過量,害人害己。酒後不開車,安全有保障。