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New Taipei City Ulay Atayal Farm Produce Cooperative


The largest indigenous farm produces cooperative in New Taipei City mainly promotes Wulai's farm produce that is grown organically by applying nature-friendly farming approaches. In a bid to market Wulai's organic, toxin-free, and high-quality products, the cooperative welcomes any agriculture or tourism-related collaboration so that people can share the magnificence of Wulai.

White sturgeon

The imperial gift from antiquity – sturgeon – is a type of bony fish that has evolved millions of years ago, hence it is given the moniker of living fossil in the water. In ancient times, people praised sturgeon with the poetic words of "rather than a mountain full of bear paws, I'd rather enjoy sturgeons in the river", demonstrating its rarity and delicious taste. In antiquity, only the imperial family was allowed to enjoy such noble fish, and commoners found eating sturgeon would be beheaded. Sturgeon was also the Qing Empress Dowager Cixi's favorite dish. The entire body of the sturgeon is edible including its flesh, cartilage, skin, mouth, and even the maw, all containing nutrition and benefits. Prepared in conjunction with Wulai's organic macaw via the sous vide technique, the white sturgeon can be enjoyed straight out of the bag as an instant gourmet delicacy.



Hunters' macaw sausage

The unique texture offers more nuanced flavors than conventional sausages, and the macaw's lemon fragrance endows the sausage with a refreshing taste. Vacuum packing is used to prevent contamination during transit, as well as to ensure health and safety. In addition to exclusive motif design from an artist, the external packaging also features a cardboard box to protect the contents. This not only guarantees the safety of the product but also enhances its aesthetics, making it an ideal souvenir or a delicacy that you can enjoy at home.

Wulai macaw sturgeon liver pate

The premium fresh sturgeon liver pate from Ganafu literally melts in the mouth! Enjoyed straight out of the can, it complements salads, bread, or other dishes perfectly. It can be prepared into a simple Japanese-style food that pairs well with liquor in no time!

Hunters' macaw peanut