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Labuwan is the former name of Dawu Village, which translates to "it is here after all". Located in Wutai Township, Pingtung County, which has the second-largest population but also the largest surface area in the county, Labuwan is nestled deep in the mountains and the most frontier region. Thanks to its remote location, unique traditional culture, and diverse natural landscapes have been preserved to showcase its pristine beauty. Labuwan is bordered in the east by 2 villages (Dongxing Village in Beinan Township and Hongye Village in Yanping Township), in the west by 2 villages (Jilu and Jiamu Village in Wutai Township), in the north by Duona Village in Maolin District, and in the south by Ali Village in Wutai Township. Due to the "village cluster and relocation" implemented during the Japanese occupation period, they relocated from Dadele to the current location twice since 1941, a process that lasted 3 years. The first relocation was led by Peng Fu-Lai from the Lahubuzaga clan, who relocated 40 households. The second relocation was carried out for the remainder of the village after the chieftain consulted with the tribal elders, where everyone was relocated to the current Labuwan.



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