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Go To Datong


Forest life. Go to Atayal – Ramble through the Atayal story trails – an innovative forest ecological tour that embodies the characteristics of the 5 Atayal villages in Datong Township. Datong Township in Yilan is the hometown of the Atayal people, and it is blessed with abundant mountain resources that include the famous Taiping Mountain, Mingchih, Cilan Forest Recreation Area, and numerous forest trails. However, the tribal tourism industry of Datong Township remains underdeveloped. At the foot of the Taiping Mountain, the Kbaunu Village and Kubung Village located on opposite banks of the Lanyang River are endowed with unique features. In recent years, the region has seen developments in eco-tourism and tribal culture. The newly constructed Tianguer Bridge can be found along the Yilan County Road No. 51 in Datong Township, spanning across the Tianguer – a tributary of the Lanyang River and linking the 2 villages, reducing the driving time by 30 minutes. For the activity, the first group of visitors will be led to explore the secret destinations of both villages and experience the Atayal culture.


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