Promotion of Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples Industry

With the down tinting the earth with gold afar, the sun radiates light and warmth!
"Explore the Sun" is a platform that brings together more than a hundred indigenous handicrafts and cultural creations, indigenous gourmet food and ingredients, must-visit tribal itineraries, as well as outstanding indigenous audiovisual and music industries. Just like the sun shining brightly, it has nurtured a rich cultural implication.


Visit the amazing places!
How would you plan your tribal itinerary?

The slight buzzing of insects surrounds your ears, you take a deep breath of fresh air in the woods.
The waves are gently patting the rocks on the shore and the salty sea breeze is ruffling your cheeks.
In between the mountains and the sea, the land has given birth to unique crafts, farming and experiences “Uhtan' e ho mimimiyo" , the Tsou language to welcome you for tribal wandering.
We sincerely welcome you to visit us for a wandering tour in the village, embrace the nature and listen to the sound of your “heart” that resounded with the yearns for simple journey.

Indigenous Cuisine

Specialty Indigenous Cuisine
Let indigenous cuisine tells you what and how good they are from the place of origin to the table!

The Indigenous People are happily and diligently cultivating as the sun lazily sets and beads of sweat drip down on the rich soil.
The ingredients of a bumper harvest, after cooking, become the original tribal cuisine of the Indigenous Peoples' hometown, which is healthy and naturally presents the most authentic and cordial taste of the Indigenous peoples.
From planting to cooking, from the field to the table, let us say "Ka^so'ay" loudly in the Amis language (meaning delicious) , and share the best original delicacies of the Indigenous Peoples.


Experience the Sensational Fashion
Feel the innovative aesthetics of indigenous creations

The exquisite light and shadow reflecting the graceful halo, the handmade warmth,
The touching stories of the indigenous craftsmen' s unique techniques, the charming native colors of Taiwan and through the murmurings of beautiful totems,
the charming native colors, fashion, and esthetics of Indigenous Peoples’hometowns in Taiwan are discovered.
Ayoi~ This means to welcome and thank you in Yami (Tao) language. Embrace the beauty of indigenous peoples’ attitude towards life.

Films and Music

Listen! The good voice from tribes in Taiwan!

Mountains, sea, and life, these are the nutrients of our creation.
The melodious voice and the beautiful reinterpretation of Indigenous People of traditional music are the most fascinating heritage handed down to the young generations.
PASIWALI (meaning “Go to the East” in Amis language
Say goodbye to Taipei, and let's go to the East together! On the way to search for our roots, we use music and video to record the sweetness and bitterness of life.