Support Outcomes

Since 2014, the Council of Indigenous Peoples has promoted the three-stage “Point, Line, Plane” framework to help identify characteristics, supplement insufficiencies, instill aspirations to achieve the vision of developing the indigenous peoples’ industries by sowing seeds, making connections and accomplishing synergies. Phase I of the 4-year economic development project which experimentally grounded the indigenous peoples’ industry foundation achieved outstanding results, hence allowing the indigenous people’s industries to grow from strength to strength.

Phase II of the 4-year economic development project , which had the eight guidance systems at its core, reinvigorated the indigenous peoples’ industries through injecting relevant resources via counselling, training, and funding.

Through the foundations laid by of the first two phases where we connected points to lines, and lines to planes, then established systems, future developments may possibly move towards a net-like ecology system which could be in-sync with international trends while corroborating to local needs. Identifying key connections between various indigenous peoples’ industries, enterprises, and units allows the movement of manpower, cash flow, logistics, and information, hence accelerating the transformation of indigenous peoples’ industries under the lead of smart technologies and environmental sustainability.